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             Ningbo Haitian International Trade & Forwarding Co., Ltd by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation approved the establishment of an international freight forwarding business, and in February 2003 made by the import and export rights approved by Ministry of Foreign Trade, after more than seven years rapid development, the company has become the foreign trade, freight forwarding, integrated enterprise business integration.
             Ningbo Haitian International Trade & Forwarding Co., Ltd is a field by the Ningbo International Trade Co., Ltd. set up a limited liability company, registered capital of 5 million yuan. The Company is January 8, 2002 the official carrier.
             Ningbo Haitian International Trade & Forwarding Co., Ltd consists of an integrated Department of freight, sea freight department, the Department of cargo import and export, import and export containers transportation, logistics Import and Export Department, Air Ministry and the Foreign Trade Ministry and other import and export business. Main contractors shipping, air cargo import and export agency business for international transportation, including: canvassing, booking, transshipment, container LCL, clearing transport fees, customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance, relevant short-distance transport services and transport consulting business; self-and agent import and export of various commodities and technologies, the contractor "and compensation", barter trade and entrepot trade business; all kinds of commodities in the wholesale, retail, purchasing consignment.
             Ningbo Haitian International Trade & Forwarding Co., Ltd actively expand import and export business, were in Asia, Europe, America and other countries and customers in establishing a long-term trade relations, in business negotiations, technical negotiations, contract enforcement, and gained a wealth of experience. Establish a sound internal management mechanism, through business practices, cultivate a group familiar with international markets, good technical trade, proficient in import and export business backbone. Currently, the company has more than 230 professionals, including international trade, computer, economic management, financial market and so professional, with excellent ability to complete all kinds of import and export business, and strength.
             Ningbo Haitian International Trade & Forwarding Co., Ltd earnestly implement the policy of opening up the Chinese government, policies, laws and regulations; comply with international trade practices; implement the principle of equality and mutual benefit, honoring contracts, keeping promises, efforts to develop international cargo and trade operations, dedicated provide quality services at home and abroad.
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