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    Welcome to our Company!
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       Ningbo Haitian International Trade & Forwarding Co., Ltd Logistics (Three) was established in November 2008, under the Ningbo Tin Group is approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Trade approved, the right to import and export freight forwarding company. Sea freight field has a strong background of relying on the government, professional services, quickly becoming the industry's influential international freight forwarding business.

       Haitian International Trade & Forwarding Since its inception, the company's employees under the meticulous work style, has accumulated 10 years of valuable experience to ensure the safe transport of goods, received by customers. Particularly in large, overweight and other transportation areas overrun device, Haitian International Trade & Forwarding with superior strength. Haitian International Trade & Forwarding never had any damage to cargo freight differential, highly valued by customers, has won praise from the owner.


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