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    The company has consistently adhered to the "people first" principle
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      The company has consistently adhered to the "people first" principle, create a group with good market sense and dedicated professional staff. Employees are more than 3 years work experience in the industry, the core members of the freight has more than 10 years experience. We have a group engaged in international cargo transport senior professionals, system-wide computer network through the introduction of a modern centralized control management, effective control and protection of the company's daily operations. Company committed to providing our customers with safe, convenient, economic and thoughtful cargo services.

       Haitian International Trade & Forwarding value-added services through a variety of transportation, improve the overall service quality, service and profit in the unity of the two contradictions found in the logistics business and customer win-win combination of points. Small profits and credit management through to large contracts for freight advantage to facilitate the reduction of logistics in thin, in good faith to obtain customer's trust.


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